Have you just given your car a fantastic makeover with brand-new Paint Protection Film? That’s awesome! That’s like giving your vehicle a shield, keeping it safe from all those annoying scratches, dings, and the harshness of the weather. But you might have questions: what’s next? This blog will provide you with six tips on “How to maintain PPF“. These tips will help you keep your vehicle in mint condition for longer.

How to Maintain PPF? [6 Useful Tips]

Reasons Why Paint Protection Film Installation is Needed

1. Prevent Paint Discoloration

A faded and discolored car is the worst nightmare for any car lover. When your car’s exterior is not protected, it is highly prone to rain, the sun’s UV rays, moisture, and other factors that greatly dull your vehicle’s paint.


2. Keep The Resale Price Up

The car’s external condition is the primary factor in deciding the resale value by the future potential buyer. When your vehicle is protected with PPF, its condition will be top-notch.


3. Acts An Invisible Shield

If an experienced detailer installs the PPF, It is impossible to spot PPF. This invisible shield is highly self-healing in nature, and any minor scratch or swirl mark will get fixed with heat.


4. Gives Up to 10 Years Of Protection

Paint protection films are highly durable, shielding the car’s paintwork for 5 to 10 years. This protective film will make the car’s paint look new and flawless. Also, the original paintwork will not be affected.


5. Easily Removable

If the PPF gets scratched, you can easily replace the PPF of that damaged panel. It is less costly to replace the PPF than to get the panel repainted.


How To Maintain PPF On Car – 6 Post Installation Tips

To prolong the life of your PPF, it is very important to follow the PPF maintenance tips. If you follow the tips mentioned below your car’s paintwork and PPF will last longer.


Tip 1. Do Not Wash Your Car For A Week Post-Installation

Newly installed PPF takes at least a week to cure and stick to the vehicle’s surface. If you disturb the curing process by washing, it will hamper the curing process.

As an expert, we recommend avoiding driving for a week after the installation as it will attract dust and other damaging pollutants.


Tip 2. Avoid Washing Your Car In Direct Sunlight

You surely don’t want your PPF look to be ruined. You may end up with water spots and streaks on your car if you wash your car in direct sunlight.

Instead, you can wait for a cooler time of day, like early morning or late evening, when the sun is not so intense.


Tip 3. For Cleaning, Use The Two-Bucket Method

The two-bucket car cleaning process has been quite popular among car enthusiasts for a long time. In this method, you need to get two buckets in which.

One is filled with water and a mild cleaning solution, and the other with clean water. When you clean a panel, the wash mitt will catch dirt. Before using that mitt to wash the other panel, rinse the mitt thoroughly in clean water.


Tip 4. Don’t Wash Your Car At An Automated Car Wash

Once your car is PPF-protected, cleaning the car with your hand and avoiding automated car wash is advisable.

The brush and chemicals used in an automatic car wash are too stiff on the PPF’ed surface and will cause swirl marks. This might also peel the PPF away from the edges.


Tip 5. Regularly Inspect The Minor Imperfections

It is best to periodically inspect for minor damage, imperfection, or PPF peeling at the edges. Regularly review the PPF for any signs of damage, lifting, or peeling at the edges.

Any problems should be addressed immediately to prevent moisture or dirt from entering beneath the film. Regular maintenance is also essential to preserve the warranty provided by the installer on PPF.


Tip 6. No Touching The Film Post-Installation

We understand running a hand over a smooth PPF-protected car is tempting, but we advise you to control your emotions. When the PPF is not cured and settled, touching might damage the surface.


Final Words

In conclusion, when you have spent your hard-earned money on paint protection films, they deserve the best treatment and maintenance. Remembering the maintenance tips, your PPF will act as an invisible armor for years. You will have peace of mind while taking that well-preserved, protected car. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the life and effectiveness of your PPF.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Does PPF Require Maintenance?

Paint protection films are excellent for shielding your vehicle’s exterior. It protects against scratches, swirl marks, and mineral contamination and prevents discolouration of the vehicle’s paint. However, PPF will only last longer if it is adequately maintained—the dirt or debris films collected while driving need to be removed.


What Soap Is Safe For PPF?

It is advised to use any mild soap of a good brand which is compatible with the vehicle’s paint. Do not try to wash your car with any regular shampoo or detergent, as harsh chemicals in them will damage the PPF.


What Are The Disadvantages of PPF?

Nothing beats PPF when it comes to preventing physical damage like swirl marks, scratches, but they are not highly hydrophobic like ceramic coating. Also, it is costlier than ceramic coating and needs to be only installed by the professionals.


Does PPF Provide Lifetime Protection?

Investing in PPF is worth every penny spent. If maintained regularly, some high-quality PPFs like Ultraguard give lifetime warranties of 10 to 15 years. Meanwhile, the minimum protection by top-graded PPF is at least 5 years.


Does Removing PPF Damage Paint?

The clear answer is No. PPF is ideal for protecting your car’s paint without hampering the original vehicle’s paint. PPF will not damage the original paint unless it is removed by a trained and experienced detailer.


How Much Does Full PPF Cost?

If you are considering investing in PPF, we recommend investing only in high-quality films as it is a one-time investment. A full-body PPF with a quality protective film starts with Rs.75,000.


Which PPF Brand Is Best?

It’s important to invest in quality paint protection that is engineered to last. You can check Ultraguard PPF results, giving the exceptions results


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