Sunroof PPF

Roofing Confidence: Ultraguard Sunroof Protection at Its Best

Ultraguard Car Sunroof Protection Film is the ultimate safeguard for your sunroof. This transparent sunroof PPF, high-performance film offers a powerful defense against UV rays, preventing interior fading and sun damage. It also acts as a shield against scratches, rock chips, and debris, preserving the clarity and functionality of your sunroof. With Ultraguard's precision-engineered roof protection film, you can enjoy unobstructed views and the warmth of the sun without compromising your sunroof's long-term condition.

Car Sunroof Protection Film Features

Our Sunroof Glass Protector Film is designed to enhance your driving experience while safeguarding your sunroof. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, it offers a range of remarkable features that set it apart.


UV Defense

Bid farewell to interior fading and sun damage. Our film acts as a robust UV barrier, preserving the pristine condition of your vehicle's interior.


Guardian Against Imperfections

Protect your sunroof from unsightly scratches, rock chips, and debris. Ultraguard's advanced technology ensures your sunroof remains flawless.


Self-healing property

Witness minor surface imperfections vanish magically over time, thanks to our self-healing technology, ensuring your sunroof maintains its pristine appearance.


Enhanced Visual Acuity

Our Sunroof Moonroof protection film provides a sleek, water-repellent surface that effortlessly sheds raindrops and dirt, ensuring optimal visibility.

Ultraguard Sunroof Protection Film Cost

Affordably protect your vehicle's sunroof from damaging UV rays at effective Ultraguard's sunroof protection film cost – clarity and safety in one innovative solution!


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" Explore unbeatable Sunroof Paint protection - film Cost " Protect your sunroof with Ultraguard's unbeatable paint protection film cost! Our premium film shields against sun damage, scratches, and discoloration, preserving your sunroof's pristine appearance. With competitive Sunroof PPF Cost, you can safeguard your investment without sacrificing quality. Trust Ultraguard for unmatched value and ensure your sunroof looks new for years to come. 

Pricing- Starting at 450 rs/sqft Onwards