Legacy of - Ultraguard

Tracing the orbit of Ultraguard reveals a saga of persistent advancement and creativity, taking a leaf from the book of Manmachine Automotive. Commenced with the ambitious intent to redefine vehicular protection standards, Ultraguard has been instrumental in propelling the envelope of paint-safeguarding methodologies. With time.

It has blossomed into a venerable entity within its field, delivering state-of-the-art Paint Protection Films (PPF) that act as a fortress against the most severe environmental assaults, thereby maintaining the intrinsic allure of the vehicles.

About Manmachine Automotive

Manmachine Group has established itself as a stalwart in the automotive care industry, earning trust through years of dedicated services. Our 37 Years journey has been marked by a dedicated commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that every vehicle we touch reacts our excellence. Renowned for our pioneering approach, we've become synonymous with unparalleled cleaning and Paint Protection Services, continually setting benchmarks in the automotive sector. Our reputation is not just maintained by our history but is renewed with each vehicle we service as we carry forward our legacy of being industry forerunners.


Our Vision for the Future

In the vast spectrum of India's automotive realm, Ultraguard seeks to be the Professionals' Top-Notch Preference. As a leading PPF brand, we are set on shielding the diverse vehicles that grace our roads. With our extensive PPF range, our dream is to elevate every vehicle's essence, protecting it from life's unpredictable moments. We at Ultraguard envision a future where every journey is filled with confidence, knowing that the gleam of the vehicle is preserved.

Our vision extends beyond products; it encompasses a customer-centric approach. We aim to provide unmatched service, support, and expertise to our valued customers, ensuring they receive the utmost care and satisfaction.


The foundational principles that underpin our identity and inform our every action are:

imgUltraguard's Vision

Our constant dedication to excellence ensures that our Paint Protection Films (PPF) maintain a leading position in terms of quality within the sector.

imgPioneering Advancements

We are perpetually at the forefront of advancing PPF technology, continually seeking innovative breakthroughs.

imgClient-Focused Ethos

The pleasure and satisfaction of our clientele are at the core of our operations; our mission is to safeguard what is of paramount importance to you.

imgEthical Conduct

Our enterprise is characterized by its adherence to ethical practices, underscored by our commitment to clarity and genuine dealings.

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