Every car owner’s worst nightmare is seeing their car paint deteriorate. It not only spoils the car’s appearance while you drive, but the imperfection also decreases its value. After all, the first thing a potential buyer notices is the car’s paint job.

paint protection film price

Many turn to paint correction to revitalize their vehicle’s appearance, but this solution can be costly. Paint protection film is a great alternative to maintain your paint’s pristine condition.

In this blog, we will give you reasons why it is worth investing in paint protection film price.

What is paint protection film?

Paint protection film (PPF), also known as clear bra, is a type of durable, thermoplastic polyurethane film that’s applied to the exterior painted surfaces of cars. Whether new or used, it shields the paint from damage like stone chips, bug splatters, and minor scratches. Originally developed in the 1950s, PPF has gained significant popularity over the years.

One of the key benefits of PPF is that it’s nearly invisible, so it doesn’t alter the appearance of your car. It also offers protection against the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause the paint to fade over time. Maintaining your car with PPF is straightforward, and should you decide to remove the film, it can be done easily without damaging the underlying paint.


Factors that influence PPF cost in India

Before you spend money on paint protection film, it is essential to understand why PPF is so expensive. In this guide, we will explain the main factors that influence the PPF cost, which will help you make an informed choice.

1. Vehicle Size and Design:

The size of your vehicle will majorly impact the final cost of PPF. If your vehicle is oversized, such as big SUVs or MUVs, will need more material to cover the portion and more manpower to professionally install the film. Also, cars with complex shapes or lots of curves need more careful and time-consuming installation, adding to the cost.

2. Coverage Area:

The amount of vehicles you want to cover also affects the price. Some of the car owners like to protect the entire vehicle. On the other hand, some owners protect only the high-impact area of the vehicle which is more likely to get damaged such as the front bumper, hood, and side mirrors. If you decide to cover the entire car with PPF, it will cost more than partial coverage.

3. Type and Quality of PPF:

The cost of PPF is primarily determined by its kind and quality. PPF comes in various levels, from basic to high-end. Usually, when you spend in high-end PPF coating price, it offers features like self-healing ability and excellent durability. If you choose some high-quality PPF, it will cost you more.

4. Labor Costs:

Only a trained professional team will be able to flawlessly install the paint protection film. When you aim to opt for cheaper protective films, it won’t be very effective.

5. Brand and Warranty:

PPF prices vary by brand and the warranty terms they offer. Well-established brands known for quality tend to charge more but offer greater assurance of long-term protection. The warranty specifics provided can also play a role in the overall cost. It won’t have self-healing and protective ability to shield it against various environmental elements.

6. Additional Services:

There might be some additional charges that you have to spend while spending on PPF prices in India. Charges like paint correction before PPF installation might also increase the price.


What is the Paint Protection Film price in India?

On average, the PPF coating price for a car depends on the above factors mentioned. But the average Ultraguard PPF Started at 50,000/- rs to 1,70,000/- rs Onwards.

When it comes to PPF coating price for bikes, the price will go down as there will be less area to cover and it will require less manpower.


The Reason Why the PPF car coating price is worth it

PPF is an excellent option if you want the aesthetics of your vehicle to remain flawless for years to come. The benefits of paint protection film are mentioned below:

1. Less Frequent Washing Needed

Shiny paint makes your car look new and valuable, but maintaining that shine can be work-intensive, requiring regular washing or waxing. Most car protection films keep away dust and grime, making cleaning easier because dirt just wipes off without needing a full wash. Adding a ceramic layer on top of the PPF further improves cleaning ease and protection against environmental elements like tree sap.

2. Prevents Fading

Your car’s paint can fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, which can also cause uneven coloring and might necessitate a repaint. PPF has an excellent property to absorb the impact of harmful UV rays.

3. Enhances vehicle Resale Value

Installing PPF on a car can significantly improve the resale value in front of potential buyers. Protecting the paint with PPF keeps the car looking great and can prevent damage from common hazards like parking lot accidents, boosting its market value.

4. Shields Against Chemical Damage

Road salt and sand used to treat icy roads can corrode your car’s paint and components. PPF acts as a barrier against these chemicals and other damaging substances like acidic bird droppings, preserving your car’s appearance longer.

5. Saves Money

Applying a protective film can be an upfront cost, but it saves money in the long run by reducing the need for expensive repaints caused by scratches and other damage. This makes PPF a cost-effective choice for long-term car maintenance.

6. Invisible Protection

Unlike older protective options like colored car bras, modern PPF is transparent and nearly invisible unless closely inspected. This makes it a discreet option for maintaining the aesthetic of luxury vehicles.

7. Self-Healing Technology

PPF comes with self-healing properties that repair minor scratches and dings automatically when exposed to heat, such as from warm water or sunlight, keeping your car’s exterior flawless.



In summary, investing in Paint Protection Film price for your car is worthwhile for those looking to protect their car’s paint over the long term. PPF is a standout option among paint protection choices because it blends in well with your car’s look. The film is clear, letting your car’s original color and gloss show through while still offering strong protection. This should clear up any doubts about why to choose PPF for your vehicle.

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